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Spotlight: New Designers for Fall 2019

It's always exciting entering a showroom to view the next collection of our favorite designers during New York City market week. We love seeing the direction the market is headed and how it has evolved from previous seasons and what story they are trying to tell for the next season. While we dive into their collections with all our senses heighten and eyes peeled for the trends, fabrics, and fits, we look further out to seek for those who have peeked our interest by going against the grid of having an exploratory mind to design and production. We admire the things produced in Italy, Spain, and India, it takes a little more courage to experiment with alternatives or unorthodox ways to construct clothing. For Fall 2019 we were lucky enough to find 3 new designers that exhibit all those characteristics!

Mozh Mozh:

Stefania Vaidani:


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