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The Holidays Are Here....


Gifts Under $150

Giles & Brother Bracelets

Giles & Brother Bracelets: $60-80. The perfect bracelet to add to their collection. now in new colors!

IntROPIA GLOVES: $120-150. Don't we always need a new pair of gloves!

rms beauty: Lip2cheek, Nail Polish, & Glowing Set (Magic Luminizer & KABUKI BRUSH. $18-70. The perfect stocking stuffers that every girl loves.

Coastal Road Hattie Mini Essential: $150. This bag was designed for the gal who attends concerts & Football Games. It meets the "stadium dimensions" requirements, so no skipping on style.


Gifts Under $250

Banner Day Tees: $98-198. These Unisex Tess combine novelty with extreme comfort. Great for Men and Women. A great gift for anyone with a sense of humor and style.

Forever Creations Jewelry: $195-200. A little jewelry is always a nice gift. Diamonds are a girls best friend. Plus, no issues with size, fit and/or color.

Intropia Bomber Jackets & Sweaters: $195-245. The bomber is a great gift to give your fashionista because its' one of the hottest trends for Fall and carries into spring too. A unique sweater in a beautiful color is always a good idea.

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